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The Intro


he Intro of LMK was made in january 1997 in close cooperation of all graphic artists from both Virgin Lands Computeranimation GmbH and attic Entertainment Software GbmH at the home of Virgin Lands in Volkach. It was produced right in time for the animago-Award and got there the third place (for download click on image).

Intro-Download Intro-Download

The Heroes

verworked a couple of times but never finished the heroes are symptomatic for the history of LMK until the end of the whole project.
The first revision was made during the creation of the Introscene because attic was unhappy with the design, but attic itself never considered that as finished (see first image, early logoanimation for the last Trailer)

he second revision was done later in Belgium by myself for instance for animation sequences in the game itself. As you can see in the second picture the optical differences of Lady and Knight are partially enormous. The mage is still missing in the second variant because the project was canceled before.
But even here attic was not satisfied and the plan existed until the end of the development of LMK to digitize real models for the heroes and there were already preparations in that direction.
Also it was planned to overwork all cutscenes with motioncapturing. That failed due to the financial situation at that time.

oth animations righthand (for download click on image) are very raw preview material for later published LMK-trailers and only interesting for the LMK-fan, because they were made under high timepressure and the quality of the animations is not very good. The are there just to be complete.

Logo-Animation for Trailer
Lady & Knight
Heroanimation for Trailer

The Dragonride-cutscene

ere are a some of the few rendered images of the "Dragonride"-sequence I was working on together with André Taulien, which was mainly about that the heroes called a dragon to bring them to the island Tikal in order to get answers from the archmage Olchyx about the katastrophal situation on rulat.
The image on the right was used to preview the scene, but there is no distance blur nor weather effekts, and animations, poses, tetures and shadow were only temporary. The two renderings below were only used for promotional issues.

Presserendering The Dragen, made by André

The german Storyboard of the Dragonride-Scene

Storyboard Page 1 Storyboard Page 2
Storyboard Page 3 Storyboard Page 4
Storyboard Page 5

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